Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Prevent Emergencies due to Road, Rail, Water and Air accidents

We can prevent traffic accidents on Road, Rail, Sea or in the Air by following Do's and Don'ts :

Road Traffic: 
  • Follow traffic rules meticulously as by violating traffic rules you are not only risking your life but also endangering the life of others on the road.
  • Follow traffic signs and symbols and even if you are illiterate the roadside signals can be easily understood by you.
  • Always remember that "Speed thrills but kills" and never cross the speed limits. On being signaled by traffic personnel, never try to sped away as your life is more important.
  • Before starting for journey the driver must inspect and check the vehicle for brakes, coolant, fuel and engine oils. If in doubt, do not bring the vehicle on road.
  • Never overload the vehicle even if it is a private of public transport.
  • Check the Tyre Pressure and condition of tyres if going on a long journey.
  • Allow Kids, Aged people and stray animals to pass through comfortably.
  • Drive very cautiously in fog weather and if the visibility is very poor, it is better to drive at dead slow speed and that too in group of vehicles while maintaining proper distance with each other.  

If you have time, Join Us and help us to help others. If you are busy tell others to join us to prepare an ever ready force of volunteers.


  1. I agree that there are many things we can do to prevent accidents from happening. Even learning simple first aid can be helpful at times. Overall, people have much more influence if an accident happens or not.

    1. I do agree with you @Zequek Estrada, People aware of first aid techniques can play important roles in saving lives in case of emergencies.


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