Preventing Emergencies

Emergencies can arise out of natural calamities or situations beyond control of the common man like earth quakes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods, epidemics, lightening, forest fires, dust storms or emergencies can arise out of man made mistakes like poor materials used in construction of bridges, improper maintenance of dams, ignoring early warning signs or due to military wars thrust upon peace loving nations and much more as both the lists are not exhaustive. Reasons can be socio economic, human error or machine error. We can plug the loop holes in mechanical error and sometimes in human error also as if a human being is driving a vehicle, aeroplane or running any other machine for say continuously 24 hours without getting rest then there is every likelihood of human error. We can prevent emergencies so that the need of first aid is minimized as it can not be fully eliminated.
If you have time, Join Us and help us to help others. If you are busy tell others to join us to prepare an ever ready force of volunteers.

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